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Monday, January 30, 2012

Romantic Ideas on Valentine's Day

Run out of ideas for romantic ideas you can perform for your loved one on Valentine's Day? Although all of these suggestions can be done at any time, for any reason, they are especially potent on Valentine's Day. Why not pick one, (or a couple) to create the perfect Valentine's Day experience?

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed
When is the last time the two of you relaxed in bed together without a care in the world? Probably not that recently, especially if you've got kids. So why not make a picnic especially for the bedroom, complete with sparkler candles, serving tray (Buy Direct), romantic music and a carefully selected bottle of wine.

Send Romantic Text Messages
For those who can't be with their sweethearts on Valentine's day, sending a series of romantic text messages may perform magic - or at least will show your partner how much you care. Create your own, adapt a famous love poem, or use one of these personal favorites

Make A Romantic Dinner For Two
For those looking to save a bit of cash but still wow their partner this Valentine's Day, whipping up a romantic meal isn't terribly difficult, and can be a cheap way to enjoy some alone time together. From themed nights with flavors from around the world to specialty meals for those with allergies, these romantic dinner ideas will surely inspire you to cook up something wonderful.

Make Candy
Sure, you could buy some chocolate gifts for your sweetheart, but making candy is so much more personal and romantic. How about some red hot marshmallows or or a huge chocolate kiss? Or maybe fried ice cream, hearts filled with love or some spicy aztec truffles might be better suited for a romantic Valentine's Day idea.

Give a Massage
You don`t really need much for a great massage, other than great intentions and either some oil or a massage bar. A nice bath for the two of you to relax the muscles might be a lovely treat to share beforehand (perhaps in champagne?), with towels previously warmed in the dryer to boot. Just make sure to use spare sheets if you plan on doing a full body massage, since the oils you`ll use to glide over his or her skin can stain quite easily.

Watch Romantic Movies
Whip up a batch of candy popcorn balls (in red of course, and preferably in heart shapes rather than round balls). Sit down with a couple of special drinks - perhaps alcoholic Love Potion #9 or mocktail Berry Sweetheart. Then let the good times flow, in the form of a romantic comedy or drama. Casablanca anyone?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Online Dating Tips, To Help You Survive Internet Dating

(by: Richard Gazzo )

If you plan to search for your soul mate online like the 40 million other people in the world you should be aware of a few tips that will help you along the way. Internet dating is a fast, safe and very easy way to meet people, so what do you need to know?

First off when you sign up to a dating site you need to fill out your personal information, such as age, height and body type. Do yourself a favor do not lie! It's useless to lie about yourself, likes, dislikes, occupation, etc... If you ever plan on actually meeting people in person from internet dating services, then be honest.

Photos are very important if you plan to get as many responses as possible. Men especially will search through profiles with photos only and contact people based on their appearance, so it's important to have a photo. Post a recent photo of yourself, not one that was taken 10 years ago, this can be deceiving if your appearance has changed. Ladies watch your email inbox fill up if you put a photo on your personal ad. The amount of emails you will receive will amaze you.

Try not to jump into sex talk in your profile too much, unless you are on a site like People might be scared off if they think sex is your only reason to want to meet them. We are all sexual beings however keep the sex chat in the background in the beginning.

When you do find someone you are interested in take it slow! Send a few emails back and forth, chat on instant messenger then work up to a telephone conversation. Don't ask to meet right away, and do not meet right away. You need to be smart and stay safe. When it comes time to meet in person, do so in a public place and take your own transportation. I'm not trying to scare you, it's just important to be safe, while meeting people you know very little about.

Try not to discuss previous relationships as this is a big turn off for people. No one wants to hear about negativity especially when you are first getting to know someone. Be positive and your personality will shine.

If you have already starting searching through dating sites, you can see that their is an endless supply of men and women looking for casual dating , romance and marriage. It can be overwhelming to try to find something you like because now you have too many choices compared to the real world. Don't get overwhelmed, this is easy to do. Write down what you are looking for and search for people who fit your requirements.

This might be a no brainer but do not ask someone to marry you when you first start corresponding with them. And don't say that you love them or they are your soul mate right off the bat, this might not go over too well. You would be surprised at how many men do this! The bottom line use your common sense, be honest, take your time and have fun!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanita Trusted Of Friends

Wanita Trusted Of Friends

We are still testing a few sites and services that can be used by us to form a group that we call "Perempuan Wanita Trusted Of Friends". The idea is, from this group we can know more friends that already been trusted by our own trusted friends. It's can be from Malaysia or any other countries. We are going to start small but hopely we can be the group for "Cari Kawan" and "Cari Jodoh" that can be trusted by Perempuan Wanita Dot Us visitors.

Our plan is still in beta. Here are the list of website that we review. Please fill free to joint and look for tipswanita or email tipswanita AT gmail dot com. This is still NOT Wanita Trusted Of Friends official sites or services. All the contacts inside the "test" sites and services is not review by us. Keep on visiting this page or for latest update. Please try our Dating and Forum to know more Wanita Dot Us or to "cari kawan" and "cari jodoh".

Fakta Tentang Ciuman

Fakta Tentang Ciuman

Apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang ciuman?

1) Lelaki yang melakukan ciuman dengan romantik adalah untuk tujuan mendapatkan seks atau untuk tujuan untuk berbaik-baik dan berdamai.

2) Wanita pula, bercium bagi menilai lelaki. Sekiranya wanita bersungguh dengan hubungan itu wanita akan melakukan ciuman itu lagi. Secara umum, ciuman adalah penting bagi wanita berbanding lelaki.

3) Setiap pasangan bercium akan memindahkan anggaran 9mg air, 0.7 protein, 0.18 bahan-bahan organik, 0.71 lemak, 0.45 garam apabila pasangan melakukan ciuman dengan mulut dibuka.

4) Setiap ciuman memindahkan bau, rasa, bunyi dan rasa sentuhan yang memberikan kesan kepada pandangan individu kepada individu yang dicium. Yang akhirnya putuskan sama ada mahu bercium lagi.

5) Wanita mudah tertawan dengan lelaki yang mempunyai kelainan daripada segi genetik dengannya.

6) Ianya dikesan dengan bau sewaktu bercium.

7) Ciuman akan meningkatkan serius sesuatu hubungan atau mengakhirnya.

8) Ciuman yang biasa dilakukan dipanggil "French Kiss"

9) French kiss mengerakkan 29 otot di muka.

10) French Kiss akan meningkatkan rasa berahi seks kerana ia dilakukan dengan mulut terbuka dan lidah boleh disentuh antara satu sama lain.

11) Philematophobia adalah individu yang takutkkan ciuman.

12) Ciuman boleh mengandungi sehingga 278 jenis bakteria.

13) 95 Peratus bakteria tidak merbahaya. Ciuman turut meningkatkan sistem pertahan badan kita melalui pemindahan bakteria.

Sumber The Infographic Show - Kissing


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