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Monday, October 15, 2012

Dating Tips For Me

New blog create by Wanita Dating Zone to compile update tips and articles about dating and related information and website about dating zone. Please visit our new blog and share this link with your friends.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Herb Of Love and Affection

Herb Of Love and Affection Of Us To The One We Love .....

Lets replace roses and flowers with herb plants to show our love and affection. Herb plant can be give already planted in a pot and can be easily maintain by given small amount of water everyday.

Herb Of Love and Affection. The smell of herbs can make everybody remember you forever. :-)

Our first suggestion is Rosemary. Rosemary can be use as a decorative plant in gardens and has many culinary and medical uses.

The plant is said to improve the memory. The leaves are used to flavor various foods, like stuffings and roast meats. Rosemary contains the antioxidants carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, and other bioactive compounds including camphor, caffeic acid, ursolic acid, betulinic acid, rosmaridiphenol, and rosmanol. Some of these may be useful in preventing or treating cancers, strokes, and Alzheimer's Disease.

More information about Rosemary from Wikipedia :

Rosemarry - Herb Of Love And Affection

Monday, May 07, 2012

Muslim Friends In Virtual World

We create a Facebook Page for Muslim singles.

There are more 1.3 billion Muslims in the world but finding that one special someone for friendship or even marriage can be very frustrating if you don't know where to look. is the answer you have been hoping for. Sign up now for your free membership and become part of the fastest growing and most respectful online global community of Muslims coming together for friendship and more.

This is the perfect place for Muslim friends and singles to build their faith and relationships, and interact with others. It is also a great place for Muslims to talk about their careers, life, religion, relationships. Click banner below to joint Muslim Friends. - the best Muslim online personals site!

Click Link Below

Malaysian Social Networking Project

Friday, March 30, 2012

I Love You More Than You Know As Facebook Fan Page

Do you want to tell him or her about your love ? Post in this page wall with @her/his facebook username to say that you love him or her. You can share this page with @his/her facebook in the page comment. Visit the link below to Like "I love you more than you know" Facebook Fan Page.

I love you more than you know also a Essays in Paperback. You can find it at

Product Description from

Jonathan Ames has drawn comparisons across the literary spectrum, from David Sedaris to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Woody Allen to P.G. Wodehouse, and his books, as well as his abilities as a performer, have made him a favorite on the Late Show with David Letterman. Whether he's chasing deranged cockroaches around his apartment, kissing a beautiful actress on the set of an avant-garde film, finding himself stuck perilously on top of a fence in Memphis in the middle of the night, or provoking fights with huge German men, Jonathan Ames has an uncanny knack for getting himself into outlandish situations.

In his latest collection,I Love You More Than You Know, Ames proves once again his immense talent for turning his own adventures, neuroses, joys, heartaches, and insights into profound and hilarious tales. Alive with love and tenderness for his son, his parents, his great-aunt — and even strangers in bars late at night — inI Love You More Than You KnowAmes looks beneath the surface of our world to find the beauty in the perverse, the sweetness in loneliness, and the humor in pain.

I Love You More Than You Know: Essays

Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Kiss - Way To Say ‘I Love You’

A Kiss - Way To Say ‘I Love You’

by: Marina John

A Kiss is a romantic and speechless way to say Love You. Kiss is the way to say that you can’t speak with your partner. It can express our emotion and feeling.

Kiss on the hand - I adore you.

Kiss on the neck - I want you.

Kiss on the cheek - I just want to be friends.

Kiss on the ears - Let's have some fun

Kiss on the lips - I love you.

Kiss on the nose - Let's get silly.

Kiss anywhere else - You're the best.

Where would u prefer to kiss your lover, which indicates your nature?

Eyes- Sincere Stomach- Innovative

Cheeks- Boring Back- Secure

Lips- Romantic Hands- Cute

Neck- Sexy Legs- Dominating

Forehead – Caring Everywhere- Desperate

Kissing should made fun loving game and with different kinds. It would not become boring act of romance. Same kiss same romance, Bring variety of romance in your life with different type of kisses.

Aggressive Kiss- When you kiss your partner, just bite down their lower lip and suck the lower lip.

Butterfly kiss – Bring your face closer to partners face and open and close your eyelids like butterfly.

Cheek Kiss- This is first date kiss, on the cheeks to say ‘I like only you’.

Foot Kiss – Kiss to your partner’s toe, and suck it very gently. Slightly massage the foot, this will generate sensation.

Forehead Kiss – This is kiss to Say that I Care For You. This can say like Mama’s kiss.

French kiss – In this kissing you should be careful, this involves tongue. Pass the breath through the exchange across tongue.

Ice Kiss – Put a ice cube in your mouth and take a kiss of your partner and pass the ice cube in his mouth so on until ice cube melt.

Neck Kiss – Come behind your partner and start kissing on neck, which will generate sensation.

Open Eye Kiss – See love, passion in your partner’s eyes, gently kiss and see in your partner’s eyes.

Wave Kiss – Roll your tongue up, down, like wave while kissing.

Wet Kiss- Rub your wet lips up and down on your partners lips.

Sweet Kiss – Put any sweet candy in your mouth. Pass the candy in your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Until that candy melt then take a French kiss. This will tasty sweet kiss.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Online Dating - Meeting A Woman For The First Time

credit picture :

You started online dating to meet a woman. Now it is time to meet your online match for the first time. Meeting her in a comfortable environment is your best strategy for transitioning to a relationship in the real world.

Meet As Friends
When it comes time to meet your online match in person, meet as friends. Don’t go to your first meeting with the idea in your mind that she is The One or might be The One. That puts way too much pressure on your first meeting.

Meet At An Agreed Place
When your match has decided that she is ready to meet you, let her pick the place to meet. This allows her to choose a place where she will feel comfortable. She may ask for some guidance and making a few suggestions is fine. You might also want to give her a few no-go places if you don’t enjoy a particular type of food, but you should try to be flexible. Unless one of you is driving a long distance, I would try to make the meeting fairly short. Meeting for lunch, coffee or dessert all work well since none implies huge expectations.

Dress Casual
I would suggest you discuss with your match dressing casual for your first meeting. I think that helps everyone to keep their expectations in check and promotes a friendly, comfortable environment to explore the possibilities for romance. Your focus should be on one another, not the clothes that you each are wearing.

Have Fun
When you finally meet your match, relax, be yourself and have a good time. You will look your best with a smile on your face.

Send An E-Mail After Your First Meeting
If you had a successful first meeting, before you go to bed, send her a short e-mail saying that you enjoyed meeting her in person. It is a nice way to let her know that you are interested and it is the best way to help move the relationship forward.

Transitioning To A Real World Relationship
Meeting your match for the first time is a big step in transitioning you from an online/phone relationship to one in the real world. It still may be awhile before your match feels comfortable enough to give you her phone number so that you can call or her address so you can pick her up for a date. That will come with time, try to be patient and understanding. Patience might get you somewhere, impatience won’t get you anywhere.

By: Timothy Mahar
Source :

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Having Problem To Speak With Your Date? Practise With Cleverbot

You may encounter a problem to find an appropriate topics to talk to your date partner. We suggest you try this site Cleverbot for fun for you to get an appropriate idea. Cleverbot is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to predict the best respond from human input.

Visit Cleverbot website and chat with the bot. Cleverbot learns from real people and things Cleverbot says may seem inappropriate. You need to use with discretion, and at your own risk.

Cleverbot web visitors never talk to a human, however convincing it is  and the AI knows many topics . You need to use only with oversight.

Try it by filling in the form below :-

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Four Tips How To Quit a Bad Date

So your date reminds you of your 48-year old third grade teacher. So you have your face covered in spit and you are dying from the fumes that are coming out of his mouth. So he does nothing but talk about his mother. You have to be polite and sit through the whole thing until you have spent enough time to justifiably say: check!. Or do you? Some people think that since dates are usually and generally consensual, you owe your date common courtesy at best. However, this is not an absolute rule. There are ways to get yourself out of a bad date.

Extricate yourself in the most polite and reasonable manner

If you see that the date is going nowhere, do not wait for the evening to be over before you can say to him that you need to go. Make excuses if you must: I need to feed my dog, my mother is sick, my roommate got locked out, I have an early meeting tomorrow and so on. If your date is not that dense, he or she will understand that the date is over.

Always have a rescue team in place

This could be your brother, sister, most trusted friend. Make a long-standing agreement that in case you need to be rescued from a bad date, he or she will always be ready to help you. Excuse yourself to make a phone call and have that person come in person or call you on your cell phone to make up a perfectly reasonable excuse why you need to go with him or her right away. However, do it nicely. Ask you date that you have to cut the evening short and ask him or her to accompany you outside where you can part ways. Try not to leave your date all alone on the table.

Honesty can be a good policy

It may not be the best but in situations like these it can help you a good deal. Talk to your date in a friendly manner saying that you think you are incompatible as a couple and that the date will not produce the desired results on either side. Explain to him or her that it would be better for both of you to end the date early on than have to struggle through awkward conversation the whole night. If you are the female, you can even soften the blow by offering to pay half of the bill. Be amicable about it and you might even part as good friends.

Learn from your mistakes

Early on, try to get a feeling of the person and the possible course of the date. Mistakes from your past dates will come in handy as well as a little background on human psychology. It is a little risky to go for a dinner on the first date because there is no real time frame for dinners. That is why it is best to plan for an hour-long lunch instead and get a vibe for each other. You can always leave after an hour if you feel it a bad date. Better yet, ask your date to meet for drinks. If you do not like the person, you can safely say goodbye after the first drink. If you think the date has got potential, you can immediately move on to dinner and onto a successful first date.

Author : Olga Savcuk
Article Source :

Friday, February 17, 2012

QR Code For Your Dating Card

Make and create your own QR Code or Quick Response Code and share it in your Facebook and Blog. Scan it back by using your smartphone QR code scanner thats can be download from smartphone like Iphone and Android Market Place.

This is an example of QR Code.

Dating Perempuan Melayu QR Code
This QR Code will produce MeCard for you to download. A "meCard" is similar to a "vCard" in the sense that it is used to hold contact information.

You can produce your own QR code by using this online QR Code Generator :-


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


what is the Word LOVE? Love in its sense has lots and lots of meanings and lots of definitions. what is your definition too...

"When i fell in love with my to-be.. i think of him constantly: while drinking water, eating breakfast, attending classes, watching TV. singing, dancing, at the bank, in my room...i could not stop thinking about him. i often talk to people about him. i want people to feel how a treasure he is to me. i thought and talked off all the things i love about him. though we are miles apart, i feel he is more closer to me than it is. by this i abide in his love and he in mine. What great LOVE we share..."

"my heart beat when i am near him......"

"there is a moment of peace when am around her..."

Others think love is u think it is right? Most people confuse themselves with this misinformation. Love is not SEX...if you love somebody you love him/her without thinking of having him on your do u think?

hhhmmmm...lots of describtions for the word LOVE"

LOVE is an abstract definite meanings to it.... We have a whole lots it...
to some, what they feel, see, touch and sense is how they use to describe it...
i guess yours is much more a whole lot different....

1.EROS: passionate, physical, lustful love for one another, especially meant for the opposite sex
2. AGAPE: (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE): the Everlasting Love of God. A love so rich with purity.
3. PRAGMA: the practical love we share...
4. MANIA: the possesive love.....

which of the above do u belong to...well i just want to share with you; that; the greatest LOVE we need to attain is the unconditional Love shared and given freely by God. the unselfless love is being given freely by our Maker. Rush and receive that kind of love so rich with purity and care. He is here with open arms to receive you and ambrass you wholeheartedly.

Source :
Author : Jilly PMz

Honesty and Online Dating

If you are planning on joining the millions of singles in the world of online dating then the one thing you need to know is that you need to be honest with yourself and with those you will be matched up with. If you are truly looking for a lasting relationship then you owe it to yourself and others to be honest about who you are and what you are looking for. You need to treat your online dating experience the same as if you met someone for a regular date.

On a regular date you are face to face, talking, sharing stories, reading body language and that makes it easy to read the other person, just as they are reading you. And if you are not honest on a regular date sooner or later your date will start to see through you and your chances of a another date are little to none. Now in the online dating world you will not get that face to face contact. All you and the person you have been matched with will be able to go off of is your personal profile and the emails that you have started to exchange. You can say alot with written words, but the problem is that it's hard to judge character, emotion or intent from written words.

When you fill out your profile about who you are, what you do and what you want out of life you can say anything you want and no one will be the wiser. And you may run into others who have embellished their profiles as well. The question you have to ask when you are doing your profile is how would you feel if you met someone through an online dating service and when you finally meet how would you feel if everything they said about themselves was not necessarily true.

Think about it, you've just spent allot of time and energy trying to get to know this person and when you finally meet face to face and start talking you start to find out that they are not the same person you just spent a month or two exchanging emails with. It's in your best interest to be completely upfront and honest in your profile and when you start exchanging emails, because if you aren't, the moment they find out you will be right back at square one again.

And if they report you to the dating service you could loose your membership as well. Any long term relationship is built on trust, and if you can't be honest from the get go your chances of finding that type of relationship are not very good. Remember, you want someone to fall for the person you are, not the person you think they want you to be.

Source :
Author : Andrew Bicknell

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ways To Say I Love You on Valentine's Day

It's very important on Valentine's Day to acknowledge your partner and honor your relationship. For those who aren't able or fond of spending lots of money on gifts however, try one (or all!) of these Valentine's Day ideas to say I love you.

  1. Purchase some clear red balloons. Before blowing them up, place either wrapped candies, small gifts, and/or love poems inside each one, and then give them to your loved one as a bouquet.
  2. Make a meal only out of heart-shaped items, foods that are red, or both. Try red velvet cake, valentini martini, fruit and cheese salad or a heart shaped cake.
  3. Knit a scarf.
  4. Write a love letter to say I love you.
  5. Create handmade coupons with gifts your partner can use anytime, such as a massage or a night out on the town with friends.
  6. Does your partner ever ask you why you love them? Then create your own little booklet using dollar store items just for them entitled, "Why I Love You: # Reasons".
  7. Make a mixed CD of all of your favorite songs, or create a compilation of love songs that remind you of your mate. Better yet, learn how to play one of these love songs on the guitar and serenade him or her on Valentine's Day.
  8. Learn how to take erotic photos of each other with a digital camera.
  9. Make your own fortune cookies to take along to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner, and use them to woo your date on Valentine's Day.
  10. Grab some construction paper and cut out as many hearts as you like. On each one, share a story about your relationship that shows how much you care. Once finished, take the hearts and string them individually from the ceiling so it looks like your home is raining love.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas

One of the least romantic days of the year is Valentine's Day. Yes you heard me correctly. The majority of men act like robots, purchasing flowers and chocolate for their sweethearts because that is what everyone else is doing. Many people celebrate the day out of obligation rather than celebration.

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine's Day a bit more romantically and creatively :-

The Gift of Time
Give a hand-made coupon for some work you can do to free-up some time for your spouse or parent. For example, a coupon good for cleaning Dad's garage or for a full-house vacuuming for your wife. How about a coupon for your best friend - you can walk her dog or baby sit one evening.

Heart-Felt Valentine's Meal
Make up a batch of heart-shaped pancakes for a yummy Valentine's breakfast or brunch. Just pour the batter in the frying pan in a free-form heart shape and serve with strawberries and whipped cream.

Little notes in their lunch boxes, on the bathroom mirror, in his briefcase, stuck on the car windshields, in his underwear drawer.

Long-Distance Caring
Call your favorite aunt whom you haven't seen since she moved far away, or your best friend who transferred to another country - let them know you're thinking of them this Valentine's Day.

Just For You
Have you wanted that delicate pair of earrings for awhile but kept putting off the purchase? Give yourself a special Valentine's Day gift

Source :

Saturday, February 04, 2012

How To Make Someone Love You

Whoever said you cannot make someone love you could be very wrong. To a certain degree he or she could have been right but i strongly believe you can make someone love you. Here is how to make them love you and never want to leave your side. It is easy. And even when everybody around you tells you that you can not make someone love you and that you can only be someone they can love you can. That person will start noticing you and even loving you. They might even begin to love you more than you do.

Make that person your friend, you have to be friends first before they can love you. Meet up with them anywhere, make sure you know places they frequent and what time they will pass a specific spot. Say halloo with a smile. Do this for a couple of days. Much later, meet up with them and introduce yourself, you can be very sure they will introduce themselves back. You do not have to strike a conversation with them immediately after this. You can ask them for a date and meet them later. No matter how many times they say no to your invitation, do not be discouraged. Ask them again and again. If you persist they might just give you a date for the heck of it. Don't care much about them giving you a date just to make you stop nagging them.

When you finally get that date with them, make sure you go in a nice place. Strike a very interesting conversation. I would never advice you to be yourself during this time, don't even think about it. What I will advice you not to do is to be too active to the point that you make your date feel uncomfortable. Give them a reason to want to meet up with you the next time. If you are boring, you will never get them to go on another date with you. This first date is your great striking point and it will determine if that person will want to see you again or not. Be very enthusiastic about things. People love intelligent people, try not to look and sound stupid. This way i can guarantee you will make them love you.

Now that they agreed to go out on a date with you and you already had a date with them, don't make them loose their breathing space. Do not be in every corner they turn and spend every waking moments with them. If you do this, you will go back to square one trying to make them your friend again. You don't want this to happen. Give them space, allow them to miss you and look for you. I do understand that you love them and you want desperately for them to love you back, but do not over do it. Sometimes giving people you love space can make them realize that they love you right back. See, you can make someone love you, yes you can.

Source :
Author : Francis Githinji

Monday, January 30, 2012

Romantic Ideas on Valentine's Day

Run out of ideas for romantic ideas you can perform for your loved one on Valentine's Day? Although all of these suggestions can be done at any time, for any reason, they are especially potent on Valentine's Day. Why not pick one, (or a couple) to create the perfect Valentine's Day experience?

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed
When is the last time the two of you relaxed in bed together without a care in the world? Probably not that recently, especially if you've got kids. So why not make a picnic especially for the bedroom, complete with sparkler candles, serving tray (Buy Direct), romantic music and a carefully selected bottle of wine.

Send Romantic Text Messages
For those who can't be with their sweethearts on Valentine's day, sending a series of romantic text messages may perform magic - or at least will show your partner how much you care. Create your own, adapt a famous love poem, or use one of these personal favorites

Make A Romantic Dinner For Two
For those looking to save a bit of cash but still wow their partner this Valentine's Day, whipping up a romantic meal isn't terribly difficult, and can be a cheap way to enjoy some alone time together. From themed nights with flavors from around the world to specialty meals for those with allergies, these romantic dinner ideas will surely inspire you to cook up something wonderful.

Make Candy
Sure, you could buy some chocolate gifts for your sweetheart, but making candy is so much more personal and romantic. How about some red hot marshmallows or or a huge chocolate kiss? Or maybe fried ice cream, hearts filled with love or some spicy aztec truffles might be better suited for a romantic Valentine's Day idea.

Give a Massage
You don`t really need much for a great massage, other than great intentions and either some oil or a massage bar. A nice bath for the two of you to relax the muscles might be a lovely treat to share beforehand (perhaps in champagne?), with towels previously warmed in the dryer to boot. Just make sure to use spare sheets if you plan on doing a full body massage, since the oils you`ll use to glide over his or her skin can stain quite easily.

Watch Romantic Movies
Whip up a batch of candy popcorn balls (in red of course, and preferably in heart shapes rather than round balls). Sit down with a couple of special drinks - perhaps alcoholic Love Potion #9 or mocktail Berry Sweetheart. Then let the good times flow, in the form of a romantic comedy or drama. Casablanca anyone?

Source : Dating About

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Online Dating Tips, To Help You Survive Internet Dating

(by: Richard Gazzo )

If you plan to search for your soul mate online like the 40 million other people in the world you should be aware of a few tips that will help you along the way. Internet dating is a fast, safe and very easy way to meet people, so what do you need to know?

First off when you sign up to a dating site you need to fill out your personal information, such as age, height and body type. Do yourself a favor do not lie! It's useless to lie about yourself, likes, dislikes, occupation, etc... If you ever plan on actually meeting people in person from internet dating services, then be honest.

Photos are very important if you plan to get as many responses as possible. Men especially will search through profiles with photos only and contact people based on their appearance, so it's important to have a photo. Post a recent photo of yourself, not one that was taken 10 years ago, this can be deceiving if your appearance has changed. Ladies watch your email inbox fill up if you put a photo on your personal ad. The amount of emails you will receive will amaze you.

Try not to jump into sex talk in your profile too much, unless you are on a site like People might be scared off if they think sex is your only reason to want to meet them. We are all sexual beings however keep the sex chat in the background in the beginning.

When you do find someone you are interested in take it slow! Send a few emails back and forth, chat on instant messenger then work up to a telephone conversation. Don't ask to meet right away, and do not meet right away. You need to be smart and stay safe. When it comes time to meet in person, do so in a public place and take your own transportation. I'm not trying to scare you, it's just important to be safe, while meeting people you know very little about.

Try not to discuss previous relationships as this is a big turn off for people. No one wants to hear about negativity especially when you are first getting to know someone. Be positive and your personality will shine.

If you have already starting searching through dating sites, you can see that their is an endless supply of men and women looking for casual dating , romance and marriage. It can be overwhelming to try to find something you like because now you have too many choices compared to the real world. Don't get overwhelmed, this is easy to do. Write down what you are looking for and search for people who fit your requirements.

This might be a no brainer but do not ask someone to marry you when you first start corresponding with them. And don't say that you love them or they are your soul mate right off the bat, this might not go over too well. You would be surprised at how many men do this! The bottom line use your common sense, be honest, take your time and have fun!

Source :

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanita Trusted Of Friends

Wanita Trusted Of Friends

We are still testing a few sites and services that can be used by us to form a group that we call "Perempuan Wanita Trusted Of Friends". The idea is, from this group we can know more friends that already been trusted by our own trusted friends. It's can be from Malaysia or any other countries. We are going to start small but hopely we can be the group for "Cari Kawan" and "Cari Jodoh" that can be trusted by Perempuan Wanita Dot Us visitors.

Our plan is still in beta. Here are the list of website that we review. Please fill free to joint and look for tipswanita or email tipswanita AT gmail dot com. This is still NOT Wanita Trusted Of Friends official sites or services. All the contacts inside the "test" sites and services is not review by us. Keep on visiting this page or for latest update. Please try our Dating and Forum to know more Wanita Dot Us or to "cari kawan" and "cari jodoh".

Fakta Tentang Ciuman

Fakta Tentang Ciuman

Apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang ciuman?

1) Lelaki yang melakukan ciuman dengan romantik adalah untuk tujuan mendapatkan seks atau untuk tujuan untuk berbaik-baik dan berdamai.

2) Wanita pula, bercium bagi menilai lelaki. Sekiranya wanita bersungguh dengan hubungan itu wanita akan melakukan ciuman itu lagi. Secara umum, ciuman adalah penting bagi wanita berbanding lelaki.

3) Setiap pasangan bercium akan memindahkan anggaran 9mg air, 0.7 protein, 0.18 bahan-bahan organik, 0.71 lemak, 0.45 garam apabila pasangan melakukan ciuman dengan mulut dibuka.

4) Setiap ciuman memindahkan bau, rasa, bunyi dan rasa sentuhan yang memberikan kesan kepada pandangan individu kepada individu yang dicium. Yang akhirnya putuskan sama ada mahu bercium lagi.

5) Wanita mudah tertawan dengan lelaki yang mempunyai kelainan daripada segi genetik dengannya.

6) Ianya dikesan dengan bau sewaktu bercium.

7) Ciuman akan meningkatkan serius sesuatu hubungan atau mengakhirnya.

8) Ciuman yang biasa dilakukan dipanggil "French Kiss"

9) French kiss mengerakkan 29 otot di muka.

10) French Kiss akan meningkatkan rasa berahi seks kerana ia dilakukan dengan mulut terbuka dan lidah boleh disentuh antara satu sama lain.

11) Philematophobia adalah individu yang takutkkan ciuman.

12) Ciuman boleh mengandungi sehingga 278 jenis bakteria.

13) 95 Peratus bakteria tidak merbahaya. Ciuman turut meningkatkan sistem pertahan badan kita melalui pemindahan bakteria.

Sumber The Infographic Show - Kissing


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