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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Find Your Partners With Facebook Lelaki Malaysia

Find Your Partners With Facebook Lelaki Malaysia

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Do I Attract Women?

Not knowing what to do to attract a woman can be one of the most frustrating things that a man can go through. You have to try and decipher what really works to attract women and most of what you learn turns out to be DEAD wrong or it is hit or miss. It might work on 1 out of 10 women that you approach, but that is not really success.

Here are some tips that will help you to attract women:

1. You have to eliminate fear and be able to approach any woman you want. If you allow the fear to linger or keep you from approaching women, then nothing will help you to attract them. Most guys have this fear as it is a natural reaction. You have to learn how to eliminate it with ease.

2. You have to be able to hold a conversation with women that gets her interested. A lot of guys will talk to women in a way that bores them or makes them just want to leave. You have to learn how to talk to women in a way that leaves her hanging on your EVERY word.

3. You have to cut to the chase and learn what really works. Too many men get stuck on "systems" that fail to attract women and then they become even more discouraged. Look, most of the advice on the web comes from guys that SUCK at getting women. They just want to get YOUR money.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What Made Him Stop Calling?

One of the major things we usually grapple with as women in dating relationships is why the men stop calling. You may have been dating for some time and your boyfriend used to call. Then without any warning, he stopped calling. What could have happened? You may wonder. You may go through a lot of frustration as you try to find where things may have gone wrong. You certainly didn't have any argument. In fact, you were eagerly expecting his call.

The issue of men who suddenly stop calling is discouragingly common. This is something that puts us in very difficult situations since we often don't know what to do because we don't know what happened in the first place.

Take heart, there is an answer

As disheartening as the situation may be, you should not lose hope. You should know that there is always an answer. Yours is to determine what that answer is.

Learn his psychological makeup

In many cases, the confusion results from the differences between the men and us. Men have a different psychological makeup, and it is important to understand this as you figure out what made him stop calling.

Every person has strengths and weaknesses. Learn your guy's weaknesses and use them to your advantage. In this way, you will turn the weaknesses to strengths that will enhance your relationship.

Make use of powerful strategies

If you are wondering what made him stop calling, you should discover some important strategies that will help you to make him call you once more. When you understand his psychological makeup, you will know the appropriate buttons to push in order to make him pick up the phone.

There are many reasons that may make your guy stop calling. Whatever the reasons may be, however, his psychological makeup will play a significant part.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

OnLine Romance: Executive Dating Tips

When looking to date someone in a professional position, you should know that most executives are leery of joining traditional on line dating sites. You likely will not find many eligible executives listed on those sites. However, there are dating sites that actually cater to executives that you can join and develop a relationship.

You may also be surprised to learn that many executives are not really looking to date another executive. Many are primarily looking for someone to go to dinner with, maybe a take in a show or have a night out on the town just for some fun and relaxation. Being an executive can be very stressful and a date with someone who is not a fellow executive is preferable because it eliminates "shop talk" and focuses on just having fun.

That said, it does help your chances of getting a date if you are a professional person who can match up as far as education and intellect. You should not be in the same profession, however, just to keep it interesting for both of you. For example, a Wall Street type might fit well with a professional concert musician or photographer.

Executive online dating sites operate much the same as mainstream online dating sites. You will be required to create a personal profile. You should keep your profile accurate and honest. Honestly share your likes, dislikes, education, and so forth so a potential date can decide whether to pursue you further. Post your best head shot and perhaps some snapshots or video of you having fun doing your favorite things.

Executive online dating sites, like traditional sites, allow members to view the profiles of potential partners easily. This allows you to search for a particular type of professional you hope will be your perfect date. You can search the database using a wide range of criteria to narrow the field.

Of course, it is not unusual for some executives to be seeking a marriage partner. Executive dating sites are an easy way to narrow the selection of potential mates. If getting married is your goal, you may want to state that fact in your profile. Don't hide the fact. It will eliminate prospects who are only interested in a platonic relationship.

Another aspect of executive online dating sites, that is quite popular, is the ability to meet other executives with similar business interests or hobbies. This can lead to joint business ventures or just simple friendships which can broaden experiences and knowledge of shared hobbies. Using an executive dating site does not have to be only about dating or marriage.

As with all online dating services, caution is strongly advised, especially if you are seeking to date an executive with a highly visible position in their company. Most executives are careful whom they choose to date to be sure they will not jeapordize their company or put themselves in a compromising position. This is another reason to choose someone who is not in your profession. It eliminates conflicts and doubt. Executives are aware that it is not unusual for competitors to troll executive dating sites looking for an advantage.

While executive dating sites were established to cater primarily to the time and schedule constraints of busy executives, executives are not 100% immune to persons who might try and exploit them financially. This is why it is a good idea to use mainly executive online dating sites with an established reputation rather than newer sites. Of course, if you find a site that has good testimonials from other members, sign up and check it out to see if it fits.

When evaluating which site to join, review the number of executive listings. Look over some member profiles, if they allow it. The more executives listed, the better chance you will have of finding someone in their database that matches you.

Author :Jim DeSantis
Source :

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Mating games are not something exclusive to us humans only; even animals have their own mating games. The difference is that they had to relay on show of strength and sheer luck to get a good mate for life, whereas we use technology to find out our "soul mates" and "Love of life". And in today’s hectic world, where everyone is busy running in their own little cages, internet has emerged as the window to meet other kindred souls. Online dating is as old as the internet itself, but now days it has reached a cult status. It is today, what lonely heart paper ads used to be, at the turn of the 20th century. But the questions that skeptics and believers ask, "does online dating really work"?

Given by the emergence of dating sites, it must be true! Otherwise people could not have bothered to start a business that was not paying for itself. Everyone you know will profess to know someone who has met the love of their life through internet. Stories like that make you believe that there is someone out there in the cyber world just for you. Funny thing is, most of the time it is true Then the question arises, why have you not found your partner yet?

The reason why online dating does not seem to work for many is because they do not go the right way. The first thing you have to learn is to look in the right place. If you are looking for a committed relationship, you won’t find it in a site that proudly proclaims that it is for people looking for a fling. Similarly, if you are a gay person, you will have little luck in a singles site that is meant for straight people. So, first of all be clear on what kind of relationship you are looking for and then make sure the dating site you join has enough members looking for the same thing.

Being cautious is very important in an online relationship. Try to go for sites that genuinely checks on the background of the people who are joining them. Also, never give too many details at the beginning of a relationship. Let it grow naturally, chat regularly first online and then if you trust enough may be over the phone. Many sites offer video calls which are also better, for you will know that the person claiming to be 25 is actually 25! Love can happen in the strangest places and who knows that a casual chat won’t turn into a full blown romance. But you have to invest some time in it to work. If everything is going fine and you both want to take the relationship to a next level, you can always meet up. But then also try some precautions. Meet in crowded place and let someone know when you will be back or where you are going. It may sound negative but why take chances when mishaps do occur.

So, follow these simple steps to finding the perfect date/love/soul mate on the internet. Maybe next time someone asks, "Does online dating work?" you and your partner can look into each other and say, "Yes it does!"

Author : Jason Callum

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Common Mistakes When Dating

Many people will make the most common mistakes in dating and wonder why they fail to find the relationship that they are looking for. Or maybe they are not looking for a relationship, but rather for some fun. Either way, if you make the most common mistakes, you will wind up disappointed.

Look, dating is not rocket science. But, if you follow the many mistakes that others have made, you will not get what you are looking for. So, you have to be willing to think differently and do different things. If you keep doing the same things over and over, you will keep getting the same results.

So, here are a few things to avoid doing:

1. Acting desperate.
Even if it has been awhile since you have had any real success in the dating field, you do not want to let that show. You do not want to jump at the other person's beck and call. Instead, act like you have a full plate even if you do not.

2. Following the wrong advice.
A lot of people, especially guys, will turn to their friends to get some advice. The only thing is, you have to be sure that they are getting the results that you want. If they are not, then you are barking up the wrong tree.

3. Not having confidence in yourself.
This is a fatal flaw for many people, both male and female. Know that you can and will attract the right person even before you actually do. And know that you are worth another person's time for them to get to know you. Confidence is one thing you should never lack in life, not just in dating.

If you avoid these three common mistakes, you are heads and shoulders above most people. And if you want to learn how to really learn how to attract what you want, then I suggest that you go ahead and do it! Why wait?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wanita Social Network Project

Wanita Social Network Project

Projek ini adalah bertujuan untuk membentuk satu rangkaian khusus bagi wanita dalam berhubung dan bertukar-tukar pandangan dan pendapat. Wanita Social Network merupakan kesinambungan kepada pelbagai kempen-kempen bagi mewujudkan hubungan social network di Internet bagi Wanita Malaysia.

Wanita Social Network Project dikendalikan oleh Wanita Dating Zone melalui laman blog

Disenaraikan laman-laman yang berkaitan dengan projek Malaysian Social Internet Networking.

Malaysian Social Network Project

Wanita Social Network Project dimulakan dengan mewujudkan kumpulan senarai email (mailing list) bagi membantu penyebaran artikel-artikel yang sesuai untuk wanita Malaysia. Antara yang telah diwujudkan adalah atau hantarkan email kepada

[email protected]

Kumpulan-kumpulan hubungan melalui laman Social Network turut diwujudkan dengan menggunakan pelbagai laman seperti Yahoo 360,,, Google Connect dan sentiasa dikemas kini. antaranya Google Connect

Asian Social Network Zone

Malaysia Friendship Project

Malaysian Social Internet Networking Project dengan mengguna Yahoo 360 Degree.

Rangkaian Friendster

Rangkaian Wanita Dipercayai

Wanita Social Network Project turut menggunakan perisian-perisian tertentu yang membolehkan rangkaian hubungan sosial wanita ini mudah dihubungi dan dikendalikan.

Flock Social Network Browser

Tipswanita Community Toolbar For Perempuan Wanita Melayu Sites

Sertai rangkaian social bagi mewujudkan rangkaian besar wanita Malaysia.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Getting A Date For That Special Day

If you are looking for a date for Valentine's Day, you can rest assured that you are not alone. People around the world love celebrating Valentine's Day with someone they love. For those who are in committed relationships, this is usually pretty easy. However, for those who are single or even dating, finding a date for Valentine's Day can be a difficult task. This article will take a look at a few different scenarios and provide advice for finding a date for Valentine's Day in each situation.

Couples in a committed relationship, do not usually find themselves alone on Valentine's Day. For these couples it is generally assumed that unless work or other obligations interfere, they will be spending Valentine's Day together. However, just because it is assumed does not always mean everything works out as planned. In fact it can be the source of problems for couples around Valentine's Day. Couples who assume they will be spending Valentine's Day together may also assume their partner is taking care of making plans for the special day. However, if both of the partners make this assumption, the couple may find themselves spending Valentine's Day alone because neither of them made plans. To avoid this problem, couples should avoid making assumptions and verbalize their plans for the day.

Couples who have only been dating for a short time may have a great deal of difficulty getting a date for Valentine's Day and making plans for the day. This is because the partners may not yet feel secure enough in the relationship to know whether or not their partner will want to celebrate the day with them. This can be a turning point in a relationship as the couple tries to determine how they feel about each other and whether or not they want to spend Valentine's Day together. Couples in this type of relationship should carefully evaluate their own feelings and determine what they are looking for in the relationship before bringing up the subject with the partner. This is a good idea because it helps to ensure the couple is not simply getting caught up in the spirit of the holiday and that they really love each other. If you have only been dating someone for a short time but feel strongly about going on a date with her on Valentine's Day, go ahead and ask her out. The worst that can happen is she says no. While this may ruin your plans for the big day, it will give you a better understanding of where your relationship stands.

Those who are single may have the most difficult time finding a date for Valentine's Day. In one scenario and individual may be single but also secretly pining for another they would love to spend Valentine's Day. In this case, if the person they admire is also single, it is worthwhile to just go ahead and ask her out. Again, she may say no but she also might say yes. If she says yes, you may end up having a great time on your Valentine's Day date and it may lead to future dates. On the other hand, if she says no, you haven't really lost anything because you didn't have plans anyway and you can still plan on getting together with friends for Valentine's Day.

Finally, if you are single and do not really have someone you want to spend a romantic Valentine's Day; you can just plan to get together with a good friend or a group of friends on this day instead. Going out to dinner or to a movie is a fun way to spend Valentine's Day even if you aren't actually on a date. Valentine's Day is about love but it doesn't always have to be a romantic kind of love. You can have a great time on Valentine's Day with a really good friend and do not always have to plan a romantic date for Valentine's Day.

Author : Jerald Shapiro
Source :


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