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Friday, May 30, 2008

5 Smart Moves to Safer Online Dating

Author : Mei Galang

Are you single and ready to get back on the dating arena? These days, it can be a big ordeal to meet people who can be a good match to your personality, lifestyle and interest. Nowadays, Internet can be a tool to save you from these disappointments, you can meet a good guy if you safely explore the wonders of online dating.

You can find several sites that offer their service as an online dating portal, they aim to match people by becoming a venue for social interaction. Joining this activity can be exciting but scary at the same time because talking to a stranger is a nerve wracking task for most people and at the same time there are many people who would want to take advantage of your vulnerability. So here’s the top 5 smart moves to keep you safe while trying your luck to find Mr or Ms Right, online.

1. Most online dating sites rely on profiles, the first tip is do not post other people’s photo. If you’re serious about finding someone online, be real. You wouldn’t want other people to like you for something you are not. Write down your hobbies, interests to attract people that are in your league.

2. Be wary on the information that you reveal. Sure, you can share the books you read, favorite sports, music or movie genre preference but do not give away your exact location, phone number, credit card details or other personal information beyond common details such as age, gender, preference. Don’t be paranoid but remember that prevention is better than cure.

3. Once you start to get to know people through messaging, have an open mind in interacting with other site members. You might prefer the tall, dark and handsome types of men or the blonde blue eyed ladies but leave an open possibility to meeting those that doesn’t fit your type. Other options do exist and it might be much better.

4. If you feel that you want to take a step further to get to know a person you met online, gadgets like webcam and microphone are useful. Webcams can help you have a semi live interaction instead of exchanging emails of instant messages. Microphone on the otherhand can save you from high phone bills. Before deciding to finally meet for a date, you can screen the person by having a webcam conference, wherein you can see their expression. Both of you can be nervous but you can’t certainly fake sincerity.

5. When both of you decided that its time to meet or have a real life date, make sure to go on a public place or settle for bring a friend date so that you can free yourselves from hassles and be safe from scammers. Not everyone who joins dating sites wants to find romance, others are there to take advantage so pay attention if they are consistent on what they say or do.

The final advice is to have fun on your online dating experience, it may be risky so try to follow these steps and your common sense. If you are ready to spice up your lovelife through the Internet, visit and register on online dating sites.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Online Dating-Why We Can't Find Our Soul Mate Online

by: Vivian Johnson

Some of us singles feel like our life is incomplete without our “soul mate”. So we are on a mission to find this illusive person!

Why we can’t find our soul mate online is that we do not know what characteristics our soul mate will have. We may be ignoring our soul mate everyday!

Our “soul mate” may have a gentle nature and aren’t as persistent as the other Singles that force their way into our worlds.

You will find the persons that are the most persistent and aggressive online are not your soul mate.

So if we are waiting for our soul mate to “steam roll” their way into our lives, we are wasting our time. This will never happen!

Why we can’t find our soul mate online is that when we first go online we are pursued by the stronger personality types. The ones that will email us over and over again without even waiting for a response.

We may not know it at the time but the people that monopolize most of our time online is not our soul mate. So we aren’t available when our soul mate comes along.

For this reason, I tell all singles do not spend your “down time” communicating with Singles you really aren’t interested in.

The “nicer” singles will not pursue you if they perceive you really aren’t interested in them. They will move on,

The reason why we can’t find our soul mate online is that we are usually overlooking them!

Stay away from the time wasters, that will insure you are available when your “soul mate” finds you!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Soulmate Connection

By: Robert Johanssen

We know there are magical signs once we meet our soulmates face to face. Expect it to be not ordinary. Imagine a fairy-tale coming alive. Most certainly, there would be sparks flying, butterflies in the stomach, stuttered sentences, ease of communication, physical attractions, love-at-first-sights, answered prayers, love remembered from dreams; in other words, a soulmate connection.

At first, the connection may be quite dream-like and a little too overwhelming until it turns into a vague familiarity. It may also be intense there may be no words to describe it perfectly. Details of soulmate connections can every so often overpower love itself. It’s spirit-lifting. It’s addictive. It’s without doubt a “connection” between two hearts. It’s beyond anything you have experienced.

Meeting your soulmate at this time and age is a rare gift, one who’s interested needs to plumb the depths of all possibilities, if not, just wait for it to happen. But for some, waiting can be as dreadful as searching without finding the “right one”. So might as well go for it and enjoy every second of your “finding your soulmate expedition”. At least, you will not tell yourself you did not try.

Romance novels and studies on “finding your soulmate” have it all- the unbelievable peaks and lows people go through just to meet their soulmates. And their stories have all one thing to say- once they have met their soulmates, it was as if they have known and loved each other before. And they can’t wait to spend their lives with each other forever.

With all these far-fetched concepts about soulmate connection, who then do you think wouldn’t do anything for love? If it’s that heavenly perfect, anyone will surely risk anything just to experience it. How about you? How far would you go for love?

It’s every girl’s dream for sure – to meet her soulmate and experience a soulmate connection. Because if the feeling is euphoric, why not? If meeting your soulmate is all you think of and soulmate connection has captured your creative imagination and loving heart, it becomes hard-wired into your brain. It’s all you’re going to think of and focus on. The best thing about finding your soulmate is that you will love with a pure heart and with the cleanest intention to give your all to that one special person, which sadly not everyone will do anymore in this world of promiscuity. And when you get lucky, that’s it; definitely, you’ll smack a soulmate connection.


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