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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sertai Rangkaian Rakan-Rakan

Sertai Rangkaian Rakan-Rakan

Dengan kemudahan yang disediakan oleh Google Friend Connect, kini rakan-rakan boleh saling berhubung dan berkenalan melalui laman

Lawat laman diatas dan klik butang "Join This Site" untuk sertai Rangkaian rakan-rakan Penyertaan boleh disertai dengan menggunakan "Username" Yahoo, AIM dan OpenID. Sekiranya anda ada alamat email Yahoo dan Gmail maka anda boleh gunakan "login" alamat email untuk sertai Rangkaian Rakan-Rakan Sekiranya anda tiada mana-mana akaun, selepas klik butang "Join This Site" anda boleh klik link "Create A New Google Account" untuk pendaftaran baru.

Selepas pendaftaran anda akan dikembalikan semula ke laman

Pastikan ikon dan nama anda ditayang. Seterus klik pada "Setting" dan anda akan dibawa kepada maklumat "profile" anda. Luangkan masa untuk meletakkan gambar, kemas kini sambungan laman terutama blog anda dan maklumat diri anda.

Pada ruang profil ini, anda boleh menambah Social Network yang lain seperti Orkut dan Plaxo melalui "Add/Remove Network". Rangkaian perlu dikembangkan lagi dengan menjemput rakan-rakan yang lain melalui "Invite Your Friends".

Perkara yang paling menarik apabila anda klik pada mana-mana ikon rakan-rakan Anda boleh mendapatkan maklumat profil dan boleh menjemput menjadi rakan anda melalui butang "Add As Friend".

Ruang rakan-rakan Google di akan sentiasa dikemas kini maka anda dijemput untuk melalui selalu laman

Maklumat tentang Google Friend Connect diambil dari laman web.

With Google Friend Connect, you can:

Sign in with their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account.
Interact with other visitors by making friends, sharing media, posting comments, playing games, and more.
Invite friends from other social networks and contact lists to join your site or blog.

Bring viral social growth to Network

Anyone can join your site with one click by using their existing Google, Yahoo and other accounts.
Visitors can evangelize for your site by inviting their friends and publishing their activities to their social networks.
Social gadgets will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other.

Laman penulis

Bagi kemas kini terbaru anda dijemput untuk sertai senarai terhad email di

atau hantarkan email kepada [email protected]

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dating Advice For Boomers

Say for in stance you are in the match making business or are a love guru and you aid people in finding partners according to their requirements and specifications and then later help them finalize the perfect mate. Which genre do you perceive your hypothetical clients to belong to? If you guessed the starry eyed teenagers or the love struck early twenties, who are longing to be in a relationship, then you are wrong. Though it does happen at times but in reality mature and confident individuals who have been around are more likely to be your clients.

They have been out in the world and have loved and lost and yet still want to give it another shot because they have been fortunate enough to know what true love is or they want to experience what others talk with so much passion. I have given some tips in the following lines that I hope may be of assistance to those who are willing to try their luck in this field. It should be approached again only when the individual feels that he is a hundred percent ready for a relationship. Further before going out again changing your outlook would be another good idea as it will go a long way in boosting your confidence and ultimately your approach to yourself. But care should be taken as to update the look in regards of individual comfort level.

Getting help from family members, friends and acquaintances and evaluating their advices would be a good turning point. Of course nobody can guarantee if the advice being given is hundred percent correct or not, as it is only their perspective, but what can be said with utmost certainty is that it will most definitely gain an educative point of view that will help in taking a decision.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are You Looking For Love?

If you really want others to love you, look at yourself in the mirror and try to see yourself the way the world sees you. Write down things you like about yourself, and things you don't like about you. Try to work on those things you don't like, because those are the things people notice immediately, and it turns then off right away.

Another thing you need is behavior modification. Learn how to be cheerful and polite. If you have attitude problem, it is time to get ridge of it, because nobody wants to deal with somebody that have attitude.

Also, you need to be a good listener. Pay attention to what people are saying to you. Be careful how you talk to people. It is not what you said, but how you said it. If you say something stupid, around people, they will always remember you for that one mistake.

Another thing is trust. Let your word means something. Try to be truthful to people. I have not seen anybody who does not like to deal with a reliable someone. When people know that you're trust worthy, they will respect you for that, and may develop interest in you, knowing that their secret is safe with you.

Learn how to respect others. Accept people the way they are. You don't have to like them, but don't be judgmental. The least but not the last. Treat people the way you expect others to treat you. It does not cost that much to be nice to others. Why do I say all these things? We all know that the cost of a true love never runs smooth, and that is why, I will encourage you to look before you leap.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Free Online Dating – The Latest Trend To Find Love

This article talks about the latest trend in free online dating and how to get involved with these wonderful sites in order to find love.

Let’s talk about the latest trend – Free Online Dating!

Free online dating has become the hottest trend to find love in the last couple of years. The need has become so great that many free dating sites have popped up and practically taken over the internet. These sites cater to every want and need from the adult industry to young professionals and back again. This trend is popular simply because there is not enough time in the day to be out running around in bars or clubs to find a date or a mate. There is also not enough time for the traditional matchmaking process to take full effect. Online dating for romance is the result of the demand for finding people online to meet and match with.

How hot are these free online dating sites?

These free Internet dating sites are hotter than a two dollar bill. They are the latest in dating and finding someone to date and even develop into further relationship. There are so many different types of dating sites online, that you would be hard pressed not to find one that is right for you. With so many that use the internet, is it any wonder that these sites grow in popularity. This is the way to find someone to meet online for a romantic relationship. It is the new way to meet new people for a relationship in this "do it now" world that we live in.

How do I find one of these free online dating sites?

How do you find one of these free online dating sites? Simply put with a search on the internet that is how you do it! By using the search term "free online dating" in your favorite search engine, you will be provided with many different sites that you can explore. By adding to the terms, a list of other sites will appear depending upon what you are wanting to accomplish. Once presented with these sites, take your time and investigate the ones that you are drawn to. Then go to the ones that you feel most drawn to , sign up for an account, provide a profile and picture and then once you have approval, then you are all set to find someone of your dreams.

How do I fill out a profile on a free online dating site?

You will fill out a profile on a free Internet dating site by filling out information that is pertinent to you such as age, sex, location, likes and dislikes. Be as truthful as you can when filling out these forms but at the same time, make your profile interesting. An interesting profile will draw more attraction than a plain one will. Be truthful and honest and you should be able to find someone of your dreams. That is how you will fill out the profile on any free site on the internet. This is just a guide that will help you to fill an attractive profile out. Now it’s up to you to take the next step and discover how you can benefit in these sites to find love.

Author : Ingrid Lihan
Source :

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

The reality being involved in dating once again after a while of not doing so sounds thrilling and spells fun. On the other hand, there are those who consider going on dates as a waste of money, time and effort especially in cases where fruitful outcomes seem impossible to achieve. The popularity of romancing someone on the internet is the outcome of the pursuit to find another alternative in meeting women. Some of the pros and cons of online dating is outlined in this article.
Taking into account the pros and cons is an essential step for you to weigh up if this approach will work for you. This is important before taking a step forward and move on to romancing that special someone on the internet.
With online dating there is a greater possibility of encountering many women unlike when you go to the bar or club for the intention of chatting up with women. Going over the ladies' profiles, it would be easier for you to choose which one to talk with that matches your interests.
There are lots of dating websites that charge only a minimal fee. There are also available sites that offer services free of charge. This explains why many resort to the internet for the purpose of meeting partners.
Online dating is preferable for those who are quite reserved and timid to approach women in person. With this option, the guy is able to express himself more to the girl compared to how he would come up to a woman seen on a bar or club. By the time that they decide to meet up personally, both sides would be more relaxed and at ease with each other.
In view of the fact that this article's objective is to emphasize on the pros and cons; next issue to chat about is the cons of romancing someone on the net. One of the downsides is the reality that you are not able to see the person that you are romancing with on first hand; not unless you both decide to meet after the first chat.
Since online dating is open to all countries, there are some instances when meet-up is impossible because distance does not allow both sides to do so. Another concern is about the sincerity and genuineness indicated in somebody's profile. Since you are not seeing the person personally and you do not have any mutual acquaintances to prove that everything detailed in the profile are real; there is a great chance of meeting someone who do not have the actual character or traits that she tries to pose to be having.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Love for the First Time

Sooner or later the question of fact meeting in person will come up and many people will say it is better to take your time and let the relationship develop online, I firmly believe that the sooner you do, the better . If you leave it too long, then the impression that you have built up such a person will be so well established that your expectations are too high and will be set for disappointment. That is why I joined the site that has all the features necessary date.

The other point is that if you were much more confident that you would be chatting in real life, how are yours being able to maintain this person? You end of May in competition with oneself. So, assuming you are both happy with the length of the romance is happening and you decide to meet, what will happen? It will be quite strange to begin.

May you find that if you have been in place until most nights 6 o'clock in the morning chatting, you find it difficult to talk about things in the flesh? It is quite natural that two of you almost have to relearn the parameters of the relationship and digest the visual cue that our ways and offer facial expressions. It will be a nerve racking time as we decide there and then if these mannerisms and even physical gestures are compatible with us.

If you can pass this first test, then it becomes much easier. But be very careful if you travel abroad to meet someone because if things fail at this first hurdle, then you are totally blocked on your own in a foreign country.

Falling in love online

People are nowadays to find love online whatsoever, due to time constraints, outside working hours or simply the death of the community, but one thing is sure, is growing more Quick way to meet potential partners, but it has its pitfalls. While online dating agency May offers a quick way to respond to these partners, instant messaging using programs like ICQ, MSN, Odigo offer or lightning speed a means to be very intimate, very quickly. It is so fast, because you can be anyone you want to be when you're online chatting, nobody see you blush if you say something wrong and most importantly, it allows you to take risks that you would dream of taking in the real world.

The most powerful of all except that we paint our own picture in our mind that the other person is without all non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and the ways that unconsciously in the real world tell us valuable things about the person. In short, with our own beautifully created the perception of the person is for them. So why do we as intelligent human beings end up falling for people we've never met before? The answer is simple… we want to be in love, we want to tell ourselves that the pursuit of our soul mate is over and with the image we share our lives with our lives together. Unfortunately, this hastily at the end of our unique life that can lead to disappointment as quickly as it began.

What’s next?

After answering the first courage racking first meeting, there is often a great excitement to revert to a "relationship online" because he feels so much more comfy, but I can not stress enough to resist this temptation. Slip back in the old regular online chatting online and the person will not die. The transition between online relationship offline can be extremely difficult, but at any price, you must learn to know the real person a new perspective and offline kill any false impressions May had about them online. To return to the routine online chatting May you feel all warm and blurry yet, but it may be an unrealistic perception of the person really is. This site has all the tools


This May seem a little negative, and in some cases not even apply May, but overall, is accused in two. There are of course many people who have made a success of their relationship with instant messaging and some are even married now, but it is worthwhile to be aware of how feelings can be distorted by the shield of anonymity a nickname and a computer screen.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Free Online Dating Service – Its Totally Free and You Should Use One

A free online dating service is an obvious choice for singles. Here are a few of the reasons why it is a great idea for you.

In most cases the decision for singles is whether or not to use a dating service online rather than whether they should choose a free online dating service or one which is provided through a paid web site. The free online service has the advantage of less cost and less hassle to join, while the paid site may have more advertising that brings in more customers, although this is by no means guaranteed. Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose to use an online service in order to find their dating opportunities.

Add to their friendships

People sign up for membership with a free online dating service in order to increase their circle of friends. A dating site is intended to be more than a social site, but friendships are often a preliminary step before dating someone. The more people you know, the more people who are likely to share one or more of the characteristics you deem important in a potential life partner. Choosing a mate is not the primary focus for many dating site users. They simply want to connect with other people of like lifestyles and interests.

Just want to date

There are other people who become members of a free online dating service web site in order to find people to date. They may or may not want to form long term friendships. They may just want to go out with another person once or twice and then move on to the next. So long as that is understood by both parties to the activity, people who are just looking for someone to date can find the dating site to be very useful. It's rather like using a computer program to sort the entries by priority order utilizing the standards you set. This can save a great deal of time.

Looking for a long term relationships

When a person enters a free online dating service web site for the purpose of committing to a steadfast long term relationship, they will sometimes pick the right person from a list of potential partners almost by accident. There is nothing to make light of in that prospect. A dating site allows you to get to know another people and determine if this is the person you want to commit to a long term relationship. If you choose to be cautious at each level of the relationship, it is more likely that your relationship will be a positive one.


The person who chooses to log in to the free online dating service at 2 am in the morning while dressed in the most casual attire is just as welcome as the person who only interacts with people while dressed in a power suit and tie. In fact, you can conduct the preliminary visiting and cyber dating while at your most relaxed. Choosing the times when you want to 'date' is easy when the contact is made through an internet web site. Choosing the way you want to dress is also a convenience offered by online dating.

Author : Alan Lim
Source :

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adult Online Dating is a Boon for Super Shy Singles

There are times when you may feel lonely and dejected even though you are surrounded by a lot of people. This might happen to you especially if you are super shy by nature. Moreover, if you are a guy and surrounded by a bunch of women, you might find the situation a bit awkward to handle. Not too long ago, I’d end up being lonely in spite of being surrounded by a bunch of ladies. But those days are gone cuz I’m on an adult dating online website now. Trust me, it has worked superbly in building my confidence up steadily.

I still remember those days when I’d go around with my mates at the bars and head back home all alone. I’d just freeze up when I tried talking to them. It’s not because I don’t have the yearning to talk to them, I was just too shy to break the ice with them. It was really very embarrassing for me, but thanks to this adult dating online website, I’m feeling confident now and I don’t panic while talking to them anymore.

Just imagine this scenario- if you join an adult dating online service and chat with a lady online, you’d feel more relaxed and easy as they might be thousands of miles away from you. So, it essentially takes the fear out of your mind. You can enjoy the process of building your relationship with them apart from working your confidence up. Adult dating online service has been extremely popular because of this reason.

I know many singles that are fortunate to find their life partners using the adult dating online services. I guess I’ll also be able to find my love through this adult dating online website. Maybe, if I keep at it, I might soon find myself dating every week and having a blast with my friends as well. I guess feeling shy is just natural. So it’s important to work around it. I find adult dating online method to be very effective for me. It’s the easiest approach I know that can improve your confidence to talk to women face to face.

Author: Joe Davidson
Source :

Friday, July 11, 2008

3 Online Dating Traps

There are online dating traps everywhere! Here are the main 3:

1. The first online dating trap is paying for a membership before using their pretrial

The deal is this; they want to have your credit card information “on file” at the time you set up the free trial.

Then, after using the free trial you decide this is not the site for you. You try to reach someone by phone to cancel at the end of the 14 day free trial. You are unable to reach anyone for days.

Out of curiosity, you check your online bank account and find out you have been charged for a three month membership!

Finally, you reach someone there...they direct your attention to the “fine print” which clearly states that the free trial cancellation must be received by “mail” within the 14 day period. Good luck fighting this online dating trap...

2. The next one is; you browse the site’s available members.
You are sure there is a great selection of eligible singles. So, you gladly sign up...

You soon discover, that over 50 percent of the members haven’t signed on in over 90 days!

Which means; during the free trial you didn’t have access to all of their search options!
This is one of the most aggravating online dating traps of them all...

3. The third online dating trap is the sites with really poor servers.
30 percent of the time when you try to log in, the site is down for maintenance. Or you may just get the “server is temporarily down” message. How can you “test drive” a site without access to it?

Always, go for the dating sites that have free trial offers. Make sure the free trial gives you an adequate number of search options.

Good luck...

Put yourself in position to “choose”...not always waiting to be “chosen”!

Do you believe you deserve the person of your dreams? If so, get the skills you need to bring your dreams into reality Today!

Author : Vivian Johnson
Article Source :

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Signals That a Guy Likes You

When it comes to knowing whether a guy likes a girl or not, girls tend to overanalyze. A smile means so much more to a girl than to a guy; and while the guy is still thinking of how to ask her out, she’s already planned where to buy color-coordinated towels for their new bedroom.

Sometimes, a girl thinks that a guy likes her, when he actually wants to run away from her. So, to avoid those embarrassing situations, what are the signals that a guy likes you?

They may include a range of gestures and moves. But until he makes his moves, nothing is certain. Some guys like giving attention and affection; and oftentimes, a girl may feel too intensely about it; but to the guy, it actually means nothing. So what are the clear-cut signals that a guy likes you?

Body Language

The moment he stares at you every so often when you’re not looking, or you notice that he seems to be making ways to be wherever you usually are, then you may be on to something there.

The Gestures

He may be telling you how pretty you are every chance he gets. He may be dropping hints of when he could ask you out. He may be giving you complementary tickets to a game, movie or concert. He may even do down-home sweet stuff, like offering to make you coffee and always leaving you a fresh mug on your desk.

If he does any of the above, he likes you! If he’s done all of the above, chances are, he’s head over heels in love with you!

The Moves

You know you’ve got a guy smitten with you when he’s following you wherever you go. But once you notice he’s trying to impress you, it’s a sure way of telling that you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger.

It may be as mundane as those mentioned in the point on gestures, but it could also be as elaborate as those acts of showing one’s love, as seen on TV. If he needed to write your name on the sky for you to get a clue, well, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article on signals that a guy likes you, right here, right now.

Overall, it really shouldn’t take a brain surgery for you to know the signals that a guy likes you. It’s actually hard-wired into the human psyche how to tell these things.

Author : Michael Lee
Article Source :

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speed Dating for Beginners

Dating is not an easy thing for a lot of people. When you are out there trying to be sure that you are getting all that you can from this one deal you can see that you have to work it all out and make the right change.

We have to be sure that we are going to get all that is positive in this notion because of the fact that you have to work the deals in the right way. More and more people are going to be placing the finest positions on those items and concepts that allow for them to get things done faster and without all the problems that will normally come about.

Through this whole process they are going to have to spend some time working it out and then managing the position as it goes along. That is the best idea for the people to make a change in the way that things are done from that point forward.

We all want to have the most positive dating experience ever and speed dating is one of those times. With speed dating you are getting all that you need from the dating experience without all the hassle that you normally would find. This is something that is going to be positive because of the fact that you have the choices that you need without having to worry about the long drawn out dating process.

We can see that we are getting all that is positive from this deal by simply working to make a change in the way that things are done. We need to be sure that we are working it all out and then moving forward to be positive in the notion that we have it all in line.

Several Dates
The idea of speed dating is very simple. You can see that you are going to have several dates all at one time. In doing so you are going to have the choices that you need. This is going to help you make a change in the way that you are working with the deals because of the fact that you have the best overall situation in the world.

When you are working with the deals that are helping you become the finest of all people you can see that speed dating is going to save you a lot of time and energy that you would normally have to expel. This will put fourth the best effort for you as you are making the change and so on.

Then you have the privacy of speed dating. All in all you are getting the best of the best from the speed dating process because you do not have to reveal the personal details of your life to anyone.

You are allowed to choose who you want and when you want to meet them. This is going to be a place where you are allowed to make a choice that is more appealing. That is also the time to move forward with the entire process and make a better change for the dating experience that you have.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8 Essential Dating Tips to Help You Find Love Online

It is estimated that some 20 million people worldwide use an internet dating service at least once a month and with so many people looking for a partner, there is no reason why you cannot be one of them.

Online dating is a huge industry with more and more people using the internet not only to buy and sell personal items, do research, book flights and do internet banking to name a few but also to find love and friendship with people from all walks of life and from every continent on the planet.

There are thousands of online dating and personal ads sites on the internet with some being established since the early nineties, indicating that online dating is now well and truly established and for some people, a very important aspect of their daily life.

If you are new to online dating don't be concerned, you really aren't alone. Below I have listed a number of key points and tips to using online dating websites and how to effectively "promote" yourself and find the soul mate that you have been searching for for so long.

One of the most important things to do when signing up to an internet dating website is to create a catchy and interesting profile of yourself. Nobody wants to date someone boring and uninteresting so...

Know what you want

Its important that before you step into the arena you know what it is you want. Don't got into dating blind. Think long and hard about the kind of person you would like to meet including characteristics, personality, looks, wealth, sense of humour and occupation.

Be humorous not boring

When communicating with others be humorous and witty and try to refrain from being boring. Some people are naturally humorous but for others this will only come when you learn to relax when speaking to strangers. It can be awkward speaking to someone new at first but in time you will relax and feel more and more confident and outgoing.

Take an interest in the other person

Remember that there are two people in every relationship. Its important that when not speaking about yourself you take a keen interest in the other persons life and listen to what they have to say. It can be very off putting to try and communicate with someone who is only interested in themselves.

Be honest

Be as honest about yourself as you can as lies have a way of eventually catching up with you. After all, I'm sure you wouldn't like to meet someone who has told a few untruths about themselves! At the end of the day, you may decide to meet up with someone you have been talking to, so what's the point in telling them something about yourself that ultimately isn't true?

Be confident

Confidence can be a very attractive quality in a person but try not to go overboard and turn your confidence into arrogance as this can be a very big negative for some people.

Use some great pictures

With most online dating websites you can upload a picture or two of yourself to your profile to show your prospective partners what you look like. Make sure that you take the time in picking a few good ones, as a good picture of yourself can make a good first impression when searching through personal ads and profiles.

Use a number of dating sites

Why limit yourself to one website when there are hundreds to choose from? Ok, I'm not saying to register with all of them unless you have a lot of time on your hands not to mention money but there is no harm in signing up with a few to get a feel for which ones are providing you with the best and most suitable enquiries.

Don't give up

Finally, don't give up! It can take a long time to find the right person but the wait will be worth it I can assure you. Just go with the flow and enjoy the experience of meeting and learning about new people. The person that you are longing to meet is out there somewhere and its just a matter of time before you come together. Happy dating!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Tips For Having A Successful Date

Fearful, excited, hopeful, anxious and uneasy are merely a few emotions that someone experiences while they're preparing for a first date. Unaware if things will be awkward or if a perfect match will be discovered, the first date is imperative.

Dating is like riding a bicycle. Once you get the hang of the dating scene, no matter how long it 's been since your last voyage, the procedure never leaves you. Keep the conversation light, and jocular, and just have fun! First dates are the most entertaining, because there 's so much to talk about. Don't be afraid to get back into the game making an effort is the first step.

Confidence is everything. Walk towards them with your head held high, feeling amazing in that flawless outfit that took you hours to select. Confidence is essential, but don't come off as being arrogant or supercilious. Superiority is unattractive, and uninviting. You want them to see you in the best light possible. After all, first impressions are everything.

Calling someone repetitively after the first date is a bad idea, especially if they don't reply. Don't be needy, or overly dependent, let them meet you half way. If you're too available, it could be a turn-off. Remember, you may have to go on a few first dates before you find your counterpart. Don't get discouraged, the search for love can be just as fun and unpredictable as being in a relationship.

In addition, don't spill your heart out on the first date. You'll seem too emotionally unstable, and many people don't like being with someone with too much baggage. Keep them wanting to learn more about you! Let your dreams, goals, and past memories out little by little so they are left wondering, and wanting to hear more about your life. Sometimes less information is better.Never check out another person while you're on a date. You'll give off the vibe that you're indifferent, and they'll lose interest. Also, they will think that you're unfaithful, or that you have no intention on getting serious with anyone. Keep your eyes glued on your date or dinner plate, although eye contact is vital.

Figure out what you want in your significant other, and don't settle for anything less. If your "type" hasn't worked out, try and find someone that 's unlike your past relationships. In many cases, thinking outside of the box is the key to success. There 's a reason why your exes are, in fact, exes. Perhaps someone out of the ordinary is exactly what you need.

Always have a positive outlook. Life is unpredictable, and you're a part of it. Don't become a pessimistic dater who is convinced that the date you're about to go on is just another pathetic attempt to meet once again, the wrong person. Look on the bright side, and enjoy yourself! If the date turns out to be a disaster, simply move on. It 's still a learning experience.

If you're having trouble meeting people, join a group or do things to help out the community. There are activities to help available people in the area to meet, and make a connection. There is always online dating, too. Put yourself out there. Don't be afraid to approach someone at a club, or even in the grocery store. It could turn out to be the best decision of your life.

Dating can be painful, irritating, and emotionally draining, but all in all it 's an incredible experience. When you finally find the right person, all of the disappointment and frustration you experienced from it will all seem worth while. So go out and find your soul mate!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Online Long Distance Dating

It is not a tough job to finding a date because love is blind and it can happen to any body or any where even if your partner is living in another part of world. You can love with somebody who is living miles across. If you are new for dating then you can get some tips, advice and information to make your date interesting. Well looking person also struggle for date. The revolution of internet has make wonder for dater world. If you are looking for love, friendship, single dating, internet dating or teen dating. You will get it within one click away from thousand of profiles.

Online meeting
If you are interested to marry someone who is living somewhere else or away from you even across different country.

Online dating a way by which you can get together. Online dating service is offered by many dating websites. they offers gays, lesbians, couples, adult sex, adult dating, sex dating, dating, etc. you can find many dating services websites online by simple search. The dating sites are exciting world of adult entertainment. After searching best just enter to website and be a member of it. Make your well impressive profile so that someone right will find you easily. You can also browse profiles of your interested partner with in site.

There are some free users profiles so do not go with them. Always select paid profile for better selection. Many free users make a profile just for a fun and entertainment. They are not serious about the any kind of relation. Actually you get better selection from paid section than free section. You must clear your doubt with your partner and let partner to clear his/her doubt with you. Always try to meet your partner for better communication.

If you select your partner then it is time to meet that person. So first step is to get know each other. Love develops into a serious relationship even though you have not touched with them. You can interact with your partner with video cam, online chat, and instant messaging services. That will give you a fair idea about the person mentally and physically behaviors. Long distance love relationship start with difficult proposition and become a serious commitment from both side and it will feel you very special. Both partner should be mature and clever to take decision for marry. Many times lady partner does not set with the atmosphere where male partner is live and they take very serious decision of divorce. So be smart and try to understand your other half.

Many issues raise related region and religion in single dating. For that both party should personally meet to discuss it. The biggest problem in relationship is lack time in real world or any true information about other person. Who are that person and their family?

Person may be interracial from different cultural and ethnic background. All this is possible in the world on internet dating. The joy of wedding is also joining with sadness of leaving friends and family. This kind of problem may not occur in the senior dating. All this relationship is depend on trust of each other.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dating Lying Hurts

To impress some one we like, we lie. Because truth may at times make us feel awkward. To make other persons feel comfortable, we lie, otherwise our partner may feel embarrassed. Lying, speaking truth and keeping quiet are three positions that we can take while dating. Does lying help? Many of us give some information about ourselves that is wrong. If you are a man, you may mention a higher income figure and women may fudge about their age. Lying hurts in the long term. Let us examine more.

Why do we date? Is it only for fun for a day to find out if we can find someone to partner with us for a long time? If we are looking for fun for a day, we should make this clear to our date and let them not expect anything else. Otherwise it can hurt a human being. If we are looking for a long-term relationship, every lie will ultimately get exposed. That will hurt us even more.

We might be feeling very uncomfortable during a date. Is it better to say that you are enjoying yourself or to diplomatically say about the real feelings? By lying here, we are giving wrong expectations to the other person. Why does that? One can diplomatically say - I am not feeling very comfortable. Can we cut short today?

Some people are liars by habit. They rarely speak the truth and lie as a matter of habit. Such people give wrong ideas to their date and hurt him or her. That is not a good way of doing things. One may not be very truthful, if something embarrassing comes up. But one can surely change the subject or keep quiet. Why lie?

Lying hurts not only during dating, but also in every situation in life. A liar always feels threatened that the truth will one day get exposed. Isn't it better to keep quiet or speak truth?

Friday, May 30, 2008

5 Smart Moves to Safer Online Dating

Author : Mei Galang

Are you single and ready to get back on the dating arena? These days, it can be a big ordeal to meet people who can be a good match to your personality, lifestyle and interest. Nowadays, Internet can be a tool to save you from these disappointments, you can meet a good guy if you safely explore the wonders of online dating.

You can find several sites that offer their service as an online dating portal, they aim to match people by becoming a venue for social interaction. Joining this activity can be exciting but scary at the same time because talking to a stranger is a nerve wracking task for most people and at the same time there are many people who would want to take advantage of your vulnerability. So here’s the top 5 smart moves to keep you safe while trying your luck to find Mr or Ms Right, online.

1. Most online dating sites rely on profiles, the first tip is do not post other people’s photo. If you’re serious about finding someone online, be real. You wouldn’t want other people to like you for something you are not. Write down your hobbies, interests to attract people that are in your league.

2. Be wary on the information that you reveal. Sure, you can share the books you read, favorite sports, music or movie genre preference but do not give away your exact location, phone number, credit card details or other personal information beyond common details such as age, gender, preference. Don’t be paranoid but remember that prevention is better than cure.

3. Once you start to get to know people through messaging, have an open mind in interacting with other site members. You might prefer the tall, dark and handsome types of men or the blonde blue eyed ladies but leave an open possibility to meeting those that doesn’t fit your type. Other options do exist and it might be much better.

4. If you feel that you want to take a step further to get to know a person you met online, gadgets like webcam and microphone are useful. Webcams can help you have a semi live interaction instead of exchanging emails of instant messages. Microphone on the otherhand can save you from high phone bills. Before deciding to finally meet for a date, you can screen the person by having a webcam conference, wherein you can see their expression. Both of you can be nervous but you can’t certainly fake sincerity.

5. When both of you decided that its time to meet or have a real life date, make sure to go on a public place or settle for bring a friend date so that you can free yourselves from hassles and be safe from scammers. Not everyone who joins dating sites wants to find romance, others are there to take advantage so pay attention if they are consistent on what they say or do.

The final advice is to have fun on your online dating experience, it may be risky so try to follow these steps and your common sense. If you are ready to spice up your lovelife through the Internet, visit and register on online dating sites.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Online Dating-Why We Can't Find Our Soul Mate Online

by: Vivian Johnson

Some of us singles feel like our life is incomplete without our “soul mate”. So we are on a mission to find this illusive person!

Why we can’t find our soul mate online is that we do not know what characteristics our soul mate will have. We may be ignoring our soul mate everyday!

Our “soul mate” may have a gentle nature and aren’t as persistent as the other Singles that force their way into our worlds.

You will find the persons that are the most persistent and aggressive online are not your soul mate.

So if we are waiting for our soul mate to “steam roll” their way into our lives, we are wasting our time. This will never happen!

Why we can’t find our soul mate online is that when we first go online we are pursued by the stronger personality types. The ones that will email us over and over again without even waiting for a response.

We may not know it at the time but the people that monopolize most of our time online is not our soul mate. So we aren’t available when our soul mate comes along.

For this reason, I tell all singles do not spend your “down time” communicating with Singles you really aren’t interested in.

The “nicer” singles will not pursue you if they perceive you really aren’t interested in them. They will move on,

The reason why we can’t find our soul mate online is that we are usually overlooking them!

Stay away from the time wasters, that will insure you are available when your “soul mate” finds you!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Soulmate Connection

By: Robert Johanssen

We know there are magical signs once we meet our soulmates face to face. Expect it to be not ordinary. Imagine a fairy-tale coming alive. Most certainly, there would be sparks flying, butterflies in the stomach, stuttered sentences, ease of communication, physical attractions, love-at-first-sights, answered prayers, love remembered from dreams; in other words, a soulmate connection.

At first, the connection may be quite dream-like and a little too overwhelming until it turns into a vague familiarity. It may also be intense there may be no words to describe it perfectly. Details of soulmate connections can every so often overpower love itself. It’s spirit-lifting. It’s addictive. It’s without doubt a “connection” between two hearts. It’s beyond anything you have experienced.

Meeting your soulmate at this time and age is a rare gift, one who’s interested needs to plumb the depths of all possibilities, if not, just wait for it to happen. But for some, waiting can be as dreadful as searching without finding the “right one”. So might as well go for it and enjoy every second of your “finding your soulmate expedition”. At least, you will not tell yourself you did not try.

Romance novels and studies on “finding your soulmate” have it all- the unbelievable peaks and lows people go through just to meet their soulmates. And their stories have all one thing to say- once they have met their soulmates, it was as if they have known and loved each other before. And they can’t wait to spend their lives with each other forever.

With all these far-fetched concepts about soulmate connection, who then do you think wouldn’t do anything for love? If it’s that heavenly perfect, anyone will surely risk anything just to experience it. How about you? How far would you go for love?

It’s every girl’s dream for sure – to meet her soulmate and experience a soulmate connection. Because if the feeling is euphoric, why not? If meeting your soulmate is all you think of and soulmate connection has captured your creative imagination and loving heart, it becomes hard-wired into your brain. It’s all you’re going to think of and focus on. The best thing about finding your soulmate is that you will love with a pure heart and with the cleanest intention to give your all to that one special person, which sadly not everyone will do anymore in this world of promiscuity. And when you get lucky, that’s it; definitely, you’ll smack a soulmate connection.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Perempuan Wanita Melayu Refferal Blog Page

Perempuan Wanita Melayu Refferal Blog Page

Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia is a portal for compiling information that suitable for women of Malaysia. Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia Portal links to numbers of blogs that related to Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia. For more information about this portal, visit the links below

Blog related to Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia Portal

Dating Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia

Blog Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia

Safesurf For Perempuan Wanita Melayu

Perempuan Wanita Melayu Malaysia Alexa Toolbar

My Blog At LovMalaysia Tripod Com

Shopping @ Amazon With Perempuan Wanita Melayu

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dating Zone At Wanita Dot Us Finding date for Malaysia Internet users. Build your friendship dating and relationship here

This blog entry is to archive old Dating Wanita page.

Dating Zone At Wanita Dot Us

Welcome to our dating zone where you can find websites that related to dating and find your date. Please register one, some or all the dating sites listed below. Please click the banner to go to the dating site.

Jadi anda mencari jodoh? Terdapat pelbagai tapak laman yang sesuai untuk anda lawati berkenalan dan bertemu dengan jodoh anda. Sila lawati dan sertai satu, lebih atau semua laman dibawah ini pencarian jodoh anda. Sila klik pada setiap "banner" untuk ke tapak laman carian jodoh.

Qiran Dot Com is designed to cater the matrimonial needs of young and older generations alike, whether you are Arab, Pakistani, Indian, Malay, American, Canadian, British, Aussie, single, a parent, a friend or a relative we are here to serve you and your needs. We make meeting other people fun and easy.

Friend Search is an online community of people from more than 250 countries seeking new friends, pen pals, love, relationships, soul mates, marriage, activity groups, organized events and much more! With the services offered, Members can even create personal network of friends.

Friend Finder

With more than million members, someone’s sure to catch your eye. It’s the perfect way to see what we’re all about and it’s free. You become a member and create a free profile. It’s how people know you’re out there and ready to meet the right one. Subscribe your membership. Start getting and sending emails. Our most successful way to meet someone.

Muslim Friends

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world but finding that one special someone for friendship or even marriage can be very frustrating if you don't know where to look. is the answer you have been hoping for. Sign up now for your free membership and become part of the fastest growing and most respectful online global community of Muslims coming together for friendship and more.

This is the perfect place for Muslim friends and singles to build their faith and relationships, and interact with others. It is also a great place for Muslims to talk about their careers, life, religion, relationships.

Cari Kawan And Dating Zone For Wanita Dot Us and Malaysia. Please visit our site to know more friends and get your date or in Malay cari kawan jodoh

This blog entry is for archiving the old Wanita Dating Zone page.

Welcome to our dating zone where you can find websites that related to dating and find your date. Please register one, some or all the dating sites listed below. Please click the banner to go to the dating site. For Malaysian please joint Ekawan. EKawan is the most popular mobile phone users community in Malaysia!
Visit our new Wanita Dating Zone at

Jadi anda mencari jodoh? Terdapat pelbagai tapak laman yang sesuai untuk anda lawati berkenalan dan bertemu dengan jodoh anda. Sila lawati dan sertai satu, lebih atau semua laman dibawah ini pencarian jodoh anda. Sila klik pada setiap "banner" untuk ke tapak laman carian jodoh. Jangan lupa ke Muka Dua.

Ekawan komuniti mobile yang paling popular di Malaysia

Cari kawan, kenalan, penpal atau jodoh melalui SMS? Sertai ahli-ahli yang sudah mendaftar dengan klik banner diatas. Daftar sekarang dan lihat direktori ahli, cari profil ahli, kemaskini profil keahlian anda dan banyak lagi! Klik banner untuk mendaftar

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world but finding that one special someone for friendship or even marriage can be very frustrating if you don't know where to look. Wanita Dating is the answer you have been hoping for. Sign up Ekawan or please click page two of this dating zone for other dating sites and also for your free membership and become part of the fastest growing and most respectful online global community of Muslims coming together for friendship and more. This is the perfect place for Muslim friends and singles to build their faith and relationships, and interact with others. It is also a great place for Muslims to talk about their careers, life, religion, relationships. Please click Polyphonic ringtones to get your ringtones.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tipswanita Community Toolbar For Perempuan Wanita Melayu Sites

Tipswanita Community Toolbar For Perempuan Wanita Melayu Sites

Stay connected to Perempuan Wanita Melayu Websites and domains with Tipswanita Community Toolbar and get so much more with the the toolbar.

Why install Tipswanita Community Toolbar?

The Best of Perempuan Wanita Melayu Sites
Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web.

Hand-picked Links
Check out all of our favorite places on the Web.

Google-Powered Search Box
Search the Web, our site, and other useful engines.

Alerts to Your Desktop about Perempuan Wanita Melayu Blogs and Sites
Receive our most important news and announcements instantly.

Download Tipswanita Community Toolbar

Links For Archive

CyberMoney2u Blog

Eat Organic Food Blog

Tipswanita Blog

A Beautiful Secret

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dating Perempuan Melayu Social Networking

Dating Perempuan Melayu Social Networking

Dating Perempuan Melayu is a blog to create numbers of social networking network that connect all the women of Malaysia. This social networking is not related only to malay women, it's included all the women of Malaysia.

Read about it at Dating Perempuan Melayu Blog

Malaysia Friendship Project

We start with Malaysian Social Internet Networking Project by using Yahoo 360. This social Networking Project is our first trial project to established Women of Malaysia Internet relationship.

This will connect with Yahoo Messenger users and will create a large group of Women of Malaysia.

Wanita and Perempuan of Friends is another Project to create a circle of trusted women of Malaysia. It is a long term project to find a way in the Internet that can used to verify the identity of a person so he or she can be trusted and be included in the Circle of Perempuan Trusted Friends.

We also create Asian Dating Site for anyone that want to have relationship with Asian women.

Come and joint us create the largest network of women of Malaysia.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gambar Cewek B***l

Gambar Cewek B***l

Welcome to abang t******g or b***l monitoring page at perempuan melayu and wanita dating blog. This gambar cewek b***l page blog is Perempuan Melayu research on gambar cewek b***l kewyords.

Perempuan Melayu and wanita blog would like to introduced you to gambar cewek b***l alternative for anyone that search for cewek. Visit for your cewek.

Gambar-gambar cewek t******g is not in this gambar cewek b***l monitoring page. kumpulan gambar-gambar cewek dan gadis t******g is also not in the gambar cewek b***l monitoring blog. For more information about cewek, perempuan or wanita visit.

Using keywords  t******g or b***l you will be ban from using Adsense for your website.

Perempuan Wanita Melayu Dating Blog and Dating Tips

Perempuan Wanita Melayu Dating Blog and Dating Tips

Dating Wanita Perempuan Melayu Blog and Dating Tips is to compile as much information about dating for Malaysian, dating sites that from Malaysia or relationship sites that related to Malaysian dating. Dating Perempuan and wanita Melayu Dating Tips and Blog will find the suitable information about dating sites, reviews it's services and make suggestions and comments about the dating sites.

If you like to date any girls in Malaysia, Asean, Asia and around the world, just visit Perempuan Wanita Melayu Dating Blog and Dating Tips.

If you go out for a date Taman Wangi Blog may be suitable for you

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Melayu B***l Video

We are still trying to figure out why Melayu B***l Video keep on popping in our research term for melayu video. This research on melayu b***l video and melayu video is to find a keywords that can help us promote out perempuan melayu dating zone to Malaysia Internet users.

This particular combination of Melayu B***l Video confuse us, because it may not related to perempuan melayu dating zone. We would like to used melayu b***l video search term but we may end with paying to Google Adwords a lot with people clicks to our banners without registering to perempuan melayu dating zone.

If you reach this particular melayu b***l video page that you should visit Taman Wangi.

Just replace b***l with b . o . g . e . l and for Blogger  who wanted to use Adsense  for income and advertisment, b***l is prohibited. Please refrain yourself from using the words.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

CyberMoney2U Making Money Online For Malaysian

CyberMoney2U Making Money Online For Malaysian

Cybermoney2u At is the blog for compiling programs in the Internet that can be joint by Malaysia computer and Internet users to make money with their blogs and websites.

This blog is to promote affiliate program like Adsense, Adbrite and FOREX for computer and Internet users the world specially Malaysia computer and Internet users. If you want to make money online to settle your debt, this is your blog to refer and make money online. This blog in Malay and English. Don't involved with get rich programs or you may end in debt. Learn Forex, adsense and adbrite from cybermoney2u blog.

CyberMoney2u Hub

CyberMoney2U Senserely Pages

This Articles at Senserely

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Malaysia Friendship Project

Malaysia Friendship Project

Malaysia friendship project is a project to build a Internet connection among computer and Internet Malaysia. If you are looking for friendship or relationship for business, personnel, dating adn friendship by jointing Malaysia Friendship Project.

Help us to help you. Help us by building this Malaysia Friendship project into the largest networking in Malaysia. We already identified numbers of entry link or connection that can be used as main connection between Malaysia. We are using MySpace, Friendster and Facebook. Build this Malaysia Friendship Project and more Malaysian can be connected.

More information and links can be view at

Friday, January 25, 2008

Asia FriendFinder

Friendship, dating, romance and more. Click the banner below to meet Asia FriendFinder members near Malaysia.


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